by Saint Jayne

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Debut EP from Saint Jayne. For those who like Mumford & Sons, Lumineers, Avicii, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros.


released October 25, 2014

Written, recorded, produced, and performed by Nicholas Fargher. Mastered by Liquid Mastering in Eugene, OR. Guest violin by Holly Normansen.



all rights reserved


Saint Jayne Eugene, Oregon

The last few years have delivered me an unexpected dose of reality for which I am very grateful. Some of it is captured here in my music. The questionable, the frustrating, the hopeful. The blessings and the curses. None of which I would change.

I write songs on my guitar and add electronic sounds to them.
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Track Name: Curses
There was a time
When we were wandering
And we found hope
Someone was offering

We were young
And neither of us knew
This perfect family
Was just too good to be true

Oh, your shoulders could almost break in two
When all this time I could have sworn we were floating
How about you?

And now, oh
I’ll be the one to pull you back out
You’ve got your heart
Buried under verses
Oh, baby let me take, take, take away your curses

When I drive by
It all comes back to me
I can hear all the angels
Talk to me

But we can’t blame
Anybody else
Still we can’t shake
The smell of those cigarettes

And I’ll be damned if they take even one more tear
I swear to God, I will make this up to you, my dear

It’s breaking your back
It’s breaking my heart
They promised us truth
We were wishing on stars
Just look at us now
What have we left?
Just holding our breath
Second-guessing ourselves
Track Name: Bible in a Hotel Drawer
You can only wait
Wait so long
Pacing father
Hungry young

West I travel
A kiss for my wife
I spent my last dime
On a room for the night

People will talk and talk and talk but...

Prayers go up and fall back down
I sowed my life into that ground
So I raise my hands never more
Angel, you can’t catch me
I left my bible in the hotel drawer

Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
How sweet the taste
Of whiskey now

We were fools, oh we were fools
Forsaken plains
Now my only hope
Lies in these two hands

High hopes
We had high hopes
As the sky was falling down
Track Name: Hold Me Down
I walked away
From a burning plane
I brushed the dust off my shoulders
From an oncoming train
I was pushed from the empire state
And landed on my feet
They pulled the trigger
And I smiled with a bullet between my teeth

Hold me down
I can breathe under water
Hold me down
I will wake up tomorrow
Hold me down
I’ve been safe up til now
But if you walk out that door
I’ll fucking drown

Never broke a sweat
A noose around my neck
I ran into the fire and I returned
With a lit cigarette

Poison drink
Chamber gas
I can walk on broken glass
Burning stake
Flight of stairs
I shorted out my electric chair

All the world I can bear
But I’m a wreck without you here
Baby, I’m a wreck without you here
Track Name: Chemicals
Lure me in, tie me down, and wait
Time is on your side

Open eyes, amazing grace
Now I’m blinded by the light
And fighting for my life

I remember cherries on my tongue
Roses in my lungs
And now it all just tastes like chemicals

Chosen, I am floating, I’m elate
Don’t let go

But slowly I begin to feel the weight
Your knee upon my throat
But I was just too young to know
Track Name: Miss Liberty
The view from here is amazing
Empire State, central park, the alley below
And of course I could see your pretty face
When I stare out my bedroom window

We spent our summers trading smiles
Passing notes by pulling on the line
I could have sworn we were related
Cuz we both shared the color of our eyes

Black and blue from our daddies drinking booze
And coming home all angry with us to blame
We didn’t know what we did wrong, but we knew all along
Someday we’d make a break

We’d always say “maybe today”.

Bye bye, baby
Meet me by Miss Liberty
And we will sail away

You and I were not like lovers
More like sister and like brother
Pinky swears and secret shakes
They say there ain't no place like home
Fading bruises, bloody nose
Nothing we couldn’t take

Until I didn’t come to class
Week later, arm in cast
We were losing time
I’d never seen you so upset
It was now or just forget
Would we make it out alright?

We’d always say “maybe today”.

When we finally found the boat
Your daddy caught you by the throat
And he was dragging you on home
And you were screaming at me “Go!”
“Save yourself, take the boat,
You are strong enough to make it on your own.”
And I never saw you, saw you again, oh no